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Academic Session Report
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Journal Papers

  • Jain, A., Kushwaha S., Kashyap, M. (2022). Implementation of FPS Based Electronic Voting Machine Using GSM and Hex Keypad. Journal of Year, 2022. Volume-21, Issue-03, March 2022,pp279-286. DOI:10.37896/YMER21.03/31

Conference Papers

  • Gupta, G., Gupta, K., & Kansal, G. (2022). Mega Mart Sales Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques. In Third International Conference on Computing, Communications, and Cyber-Security (IC4S) Springer (pp 437–446)
  • Pathak, P., Yadav, V., Pillai, S., Das, S., &Kansal, G. (2022). Unveiling the Success Behind Tesla’s Digital Marketing Strategy in 3rd International Conference On Emerging Technologies in Data Mining and Information Security (IEMIS), Springer (pp 251-260)


  • Automatic Agricultural Robot, Application No: 362319001, Publication Date: 11/04/22.
  • Risk Minimizing Device For Small and Large Scale Industries, Application No: 202311001180, Publication Date: 13/01/23.
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