Leave Policy

LEAVE RULES: Faculty & Technical Staff


  • As per the norms/desirement of approving/affiliating bodies (like AICTE/UGC/PCI/AKTU), minimum 240 working and 180 teaching days are required. In view of this, leave rules are being framed as given below
  • No leave shall be claimed as a matter of right by an employee. The Director / Management reserves the right to grant or refuse or revoke leaves depending upon the exigencies of services/ in the interest of the Institutions. The leave application should be submitted to the concerned HOD for the recommendation and then to the Director for approval.
  • The academic year stars from 1st July of a calendar year to the 30th June of next calendar year.
  • No kind of leave shall be admissible to casual and part time employees, if any. Adhoc/ purely temporary employees shall be entitled for consideration only for casual leave.
  • No member of staff will leave Head Quarter at any time whether on leave or otherwise without the prior permission of the Director/ Management. The application for leaving headquarter must be submitted and got sanctioned before proceeding on leave.

Leave account shall be maintained for each employee by the Director Office (H.R Office). Leave status can be ascertained by the employee from the HR Office.

Kinds of Leaves Admissible to Faculty & Technical Staff:

The following kinds of leaves shall be admissible:

Casual Leave:
  • Casual Leave is intended to meet urgent, personal requirement / circumstances.
  • Casual leave will not ordinarily be combined with other leaves. It may be combined with holidays and Sundays.
  • Application for leave be ordinarily made at least one or two days in advance except for some emergency situation to the satisfaction of Director / Management.

Casual leaves will lapse after expiry of Academic year.

Second Saturday:

Second Saturday of the month shall be off day.

Fifth Saturday:

Fifth Saturday fall in any month shall be off day.

Privilege Leave:
  • Privilege Leave admissible to faculty & Technical Staff shall be in academic year (maximum 06 days).
  • Privilege Leave cannot be availed before one year of service.
  • All privilege leaves will be allowed in a stretch.
  • An employee, who wishes to avail Privilege Leave, will have to apply 10 days in advance and will proceed on leave only after it has been sanctioned. Outstation address and contact numbers must be provided in the application. The employee is required to hand over charge to another employee nominated by the Head of the Department/ Director.
  • Privilege leave cannot be clubbed with casual leave.
  • Sundays, holidays and off days falling in between shall be counted as a part of the Privilege Leave.
  • Privilege leaves will lapse after expiry of Academic year.
Medical/sick Leave:
  • An employee shall be eligible for Medical Leave under special circumstances, such as injury in the body or serious decease forcing him/her on bed rest. For short illness Medical Leave will not be permissible. However the Competent Authority will examine seriousness of incidence and his/her decision will be final.
  • Five (05) days Medical Leave with full pay shall be admissible to an employee in an academic year on the basis of medical certificate of the District Hospital or famous private hospital, Medical leave if not availed will be accumulated for three years upto the max. of 15 (Fifteen) . Therefore, number of medical leaves accumulated, at a given point of time, will not exceed 15 (Fifteen).
  • The employee will be required to submit his fitness certificate at the time he/she resumes his/her duty.
  • Sundays, holidays and off days falling in between the leave shall be counted as a part of the Medical Leave.
Maternity Leave:
  • Maternity Leave facility will be admissible to only those female employees who have completed one years of service in the Institute.
  • A female employee shall be eligible for 3 months Maternity Leave with full pay in case of delivery
  • A female employee who has been on Maternity Leave shall produce a satisfactory medical certificate of her fitness when she resumes her duty from the concerned hospital or a registered medical practitioner.
  • A female employee will also have to sign a bond certificate to serve the Institute for at least two years after availing such leave.
  • One and half month pay will be paid after six month of resuming her duty and one and half month pay after two years from the date of resuming duty.
  • A faculty and technical staff will be entitled for a total of 15 days vacation in max 02 (Two) slots during summer or winter in the academic year.
  • A minimum of one year service will be needed in the Institute to avail full winter or summer Vacations. One year will be counted from July to June for entitlement of Summer/Winter vacations.
  • Employee who have not completed one year of service will be entitled for summer/winter vacations on prorate basis (1 leave for every completed month of service). In this case if employee joined before 15 of any month than only she/he will entitled for summer/winter leave for that month.
  • Sundays, holidays and off days falling in between leave shall be counted as a part of the vacation leave.
  • Availing Vacation is not a right of a faculty member /teaching supporting staff. Head of the Department can recommend detention of any faculty member / teaching supporting staff. The Competent Authority may cancel part or whole of the Vacation, already sanctioned in the interest of college.
  • All faculty members/ teaching supporting staffs in any department will not be allowed to avail Vacation during the same period. Head of Department will recommend period of Vacation to faculty members/ teaching supporting staffs in batches such that during Vacation adequate faculty members/ teaching supporting staffs will always be available for College/Department work, such as, Time-Table preparation, Lab Development work, ISO/NBA preparation etc.

OD – Official Duty:An employee who has gone for official work, assigned by the Director / Management in the interest of Institute will be treated as on official duty.


DL- Duty Leave may be granted to the Teaching Faculty for:

  • Attending one conference / seminar / workshop in an academic year.
  • Delivering lectures at other Colleges or Universities on invitation.
  • Taking M.Tech (Modular) classes of the University at other college.
  • Conducting Examination of M. Tech. / Ph.D. dissertation of other Universities/ institutions.
  • Duty Leaves will be granted subject to the condition that the academic programme of the college is not adversely affected by the absence of the concerned person. The forwarding authority shall ensure alternative arrangement made before forwarding the application for such leave.

Study Leave:
  • A request of faculty member may be considered for study leave for Pursuing part time P.G / Ph.D. programme.
  • A faculty member shall have to sign a bond on a Rs 100 non-judicial stamp paper to serve the College for a least three years to avail Study Leave for regular/part-time Ph.D. programme and two years for regular/part-time PG programe after availing the Study Leave.
  • A faculty member will be required to send application for admission to higher study through duly recommended by the Head of Department and forwarded by the Director to the University/College where he/she wants to be applicant. On receiving acceptance, he/she will be required to submit application for Study Leave along with relevant documents of admission/sponsorship undertaking on the bond-paper.
Compensatory Leave:

Ordinarily no compensatory leave will be generated for routine work however, in case of emergent or issues / reasons decided by the Competent Authority compensatory may be generated.

Short Leave/grace Period:

Short Leave of 1&1/2hr per month and 05 times of 10 minutes grace period per month may be allowed.

Leave Without Pay:
  • If the leave applied for is not due or it has been availed without sanction and /or rejected by the Competent Authority shall be treated as Leave Without Pay.
  • If the Competent Authority finds that the employee has absented intensely to avoid duty assigned to him or he/she is in the habit of abstaining himself without due sanction of leave, then, such act shall invite disciplinary action as deemed fit.
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