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The ABESIT Incubation Forum (ABESIT IF) is an Incubation Centre with focus on the technology sectors in Delhi NCR region and Uttar Pradesh. The mandate of the Centre is to assist the ABESIT community entrepreneurs (faculty, staff, alumni, students) as well as the external community entrepreneurs and other students of other institutes to commercialize their product/service ideas and/or accelerate their growth. Our mission is to synchronize and synergize the interactions between various stakeholders of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem with utmost importance on enabling young students to become successful entrepreneurs through our structured programs and events. The key technology focus areas with access to world class nVIDIA DGX platform (only available at our Incubation centre around vicinity and also the only one at Uttar Pradesh) for AI based research and workloads.

Top Artificial Intelligence Colleges in Delhi NCR 2023


  • Developing a conducive environment where entrepreneurship activities can commence
  • Facilitating creation of successful companies by helping budding entrepreneurs by providing resources like access to world class nVIDIA DGX platform for AI based research and workloads.
  • Providing excellent mentoring services to start-ups
  • Providing professional business environment to start-ups for operating business
  • Utilization of R&D infrastructure to create innovation based start-ups companies
  • Developing strong alliances with regional business and technology communities through incubation programs
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