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Life@ABESIT is not just a celebration of learning; it is a milieu for building a holistic personality.

The campus life at ABESIT Group of Institutions is a unique opportunity to celebrate learning. It is a campus full of zeal and zest bustling with life and exploding with vibrant experiences. Life here buzzes with a galaxy of gala activities including sports, dance, music, competitions, debates, and a large number of other engaging and inviting occurrences. All that you need to do is just get connected and involved, interact with peers, and explore what interests you most.


  • Programs and activities to explore and exhibit your hidden talents
  • Independence to dig into your strengths
  • Competitions to thrive but with a ‘friendship forever’ attitude and spirit
  • Warlike training for your career but always with a cheerful gesture
  • Chances for rolling your sleeves up for many different championships
  • Conferences to nurture your leadership traits
  • Fests to rock the stage
  • Different Clubs, Associations, and Wings for cultural and academic engagements.
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